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Fellow beaders,

In celebration of 3Dbeading.com‘s expansion into new and exciting territories of beading, such as the new Beading Market, where beaders can sell their beadwork for free, and the Guest Patterns gallery, where visitors can post their own beading patterns, I have decided to also create this blog as a further initiative of reaching out to the beading community.

You can visit 3Dbeading.com to find all of the following exciting sections:

  • Free 3D beading patterns of beaded animals, jewelry, 3D beaded hearts, flowers, and more
  • Free beading patterns submitted by visitors of the website (such as a 3D peyote stitched sea star)
  • Free technical instruction on right angle weave, and (soon) peyote stitch
  • An interactive discussion forum where you can discuss beading topics, make friends with fellow beaders, and ask technical questions
  • Free access to the Beading Market, where you can post pictures and descriptions of beadwork that you are selling, and you can browse beadwork that other beaders are selling
  • Free access to the 3Dbeading.com newsletter, which updates you by email on new additions to the website, and new patterns added to the free project galleries
  • Free beading diagram instructions, which teach you in great detail how to create a beading pattern from scratch using the free software tool Inkscape

Have fun and enjoy! : 3Dbeading.com


September 16, 2008 at 7:54 pm 1 comment


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